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Wood Sandblasting Services

Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne presents the perfect wood restoration and cleaning solution: Wood sandblasting.

So you have some wooden objects in need of thorough cleaning? Leaving them unattended is not a good idea as this will only cause them to deteriorate beyond salvaging.

Meanwhile, if you’ve ever attempted stripping wood, you know how hard it can be for a person without professional wood cleaning training to clean wood effectively without damaging it.

If your wooden objects are dear to you, the best and only option is to hire the pros— Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne— to come to clean your wood in the most thoroughly and expertly way possible.

What’s your wood situation? Cracked painting? Fire damage? Whatever your case, we believe you’ll find our wood blasting method at Mobile Sanding Melbourne to be just what your wood needs.

Our experts know their onions well. More so, we have years of experience dealing with wood blasting projects. As such, they’re able to evaluate the situation of your wood and salvage it using the most appropriate cleaning solution. Stack these over our obsessive dedication to excellence, and you are getting a picture of why we are your best bet.

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Why Choose Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne?

Your Wood is in Safe Hands

Knowing how important your properties are to you, we avoid damage at all costs! Mobile sandblasting Melbourne boasts of experienced, qualified, and friendly wood blasting specialists ready to come to any property owner in Melbourne. We try to make the whole wood finishing process as painless for you as possible.

Wood Cleaning for All Kinds of Wood

Our wood sandblasting cleaning services focus on both new, old, challenging, and softwood. We also deal with paint, stains, and accumulated grime on all old wooden floors, roofs, furniture, etc. Whether it’s a backyard shed, a room in your home, a piece of furniture, doors, window frames, or barns, we can restore them for you. We tackle residential restorations and mould remediation projects capitalizing on soda blasting and other abrasive blasting methods.

Expert Wood Blasting Methods

There are multiple ways to clean and restore the wood. But what is the safest method of wood blasting? It depends on the type of wood. Soda blasting is very safe, but it may not always be the answer to all wood restoration projects. Our specialists are well aware of this and will, therefore, take time to discover the needs of your woods before proceeding.

Dustless blasting is another excellent option though soda blasting is considered safer because it only peels off the surface or the paints on the wood but leaves the underlying intact, without a scratch.

Whichever one your wood needs, now is the time to Call Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne for a thorough wood sandblasting fix. Do not wait too long. The longer you wait, the greater the extents of the deterioration of your wood.

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