What is the Sandblasting Process?

Typically, paint and other similar coatings, when exposed to harsh conditions wear out.

To rectify the situation, you’ll need to apply a fresh coat of paint onto the material, so it looks good again. The thing, though, is that you can’t do any reapplication unto you’ve eradicated the worn-out paint. So how do you get rid of faded coatings? Most people do through… you guessed it: “sandblasting”.

Sandblasting is a vital process, one that both individuals and companies continuously need. It is this process that powder coating companies, painting establishments, and even municipalities use to get their jobs done. Sandblasting is an excellent solution to many surface preparation challenges. If you’re curious to know exactly what the process entails, then you’re in the right place.

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The Sandblasting Process Explained

Sandblasting is also commonly referred to by the term “abrasive blasting”, a more generic terminology. The whole sandblasting process is a series of techniques tailored at cleaning a surface area, be it metal, wood, or brick, through the use of a power machine (sandblasting machine or air compressor).

During this surface finishing process, a power machine is used to spray sand or abrasive particles onto the surface area under very high pressure. This way, as the sand grains hit the materials, they cause the surface to be more even and smoother. Hence, the term “sandblasting”.

Sandblasting is efficient enough to remove graffiti paint, rust, and even oxidation residuals from materials. It doesn’t only do the job efficiently; it also does it fast. Though sandblasting is fundamentally used as a surface cleaning technique, people also use it to etch designs into materials to create signs and markers.

As was hinted early on, sand is not the only material that people use to sandblast a surface. As a matter of fact, sandblasting companies are fast embracing the use of other abrasive substrates. This is why you’ll hear people use the term “abrasive blasting” and “Sandblasting” interchangeably.

What Makes Sand Blasting Such a Big Deal?

It Cleans Like Magic!

The most significant advantage that Sandblasting offers is perhaps the fact that it allows you to get a surface cleaned very quickly and excellently. By so doing it helps you save time and a lot of money. Sandblasting is very useful. Should you choose to invest in it, make sure to hire an expert mobile Sandblasting company, and you can trust that your cleaning needs are sorted.

No Side Effects

You can use sandblasting to clean a variety of objects. At Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne for instance, we use various blasting media, including sodium bicarbonate, corn cob, aluminium oxide, steel grit, etc. to provide blasting solutions that safely meet our client’s needs. Speaking of safety, none of these objects can affect the health of the people around.

Makes Old Objects Look as Good as New

It doesn’t really matter how old your object is, sandblasting could be just what it needs to look new again. You see, Sandblasting easily cleans items without leaving even a single unwanted scratch on them. You simply need to sandblast your material (make sure to have it done by experts), and it’ll appear new again.

Can Clean Different Materials

The sandblasting process could be used on a variety of materials, from glass, stone, metal, and wood, to steel, aluminium, brass, and silver. In fact, the powerful action of this surface finishing process can clean contaminants, including those on surfaces as hard surface as concrete.

If you need to get some sandblasting done, we recommend you try our diverse range of services. Our team at Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne know what it takes to get the job done. We’ll make it worth every cent.

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