What Does Dustless Blasting Do?

Dustless blasting is one very efficient way to strip a surface. You can consider dustless blasting an even safer and better surface cleaning procedure. Suppose you do anything that’s remotely connected to painting surfaces. In that case, it is in your best interest to learn about this revolutionary paint cleaning system that can remove all types of coating from different kinds of surfaces.

What's this Dustless Blasting thing About Anyway?

Dustless blasting is a surface stripping method that uses a mixture of abrasive and water to clean the surface while suppressing the dust plume, so dust doesn’t escape into the air.

During the blasting process, water encloses the abrasive as well as the coating that is being removed. Consequently, it prevents dust, debris, and leftover coatings from becoming airborne.

The prominent uniqueness of the dustless blasting process is that it has full capacity to control the dust from entering the air even as it makes quick work of removing coatings. It saves you all that precious time that you would have otherwise spent cleaning up after the procedure. That’s why it is such a big deal. Plus, you don’t have to spend so much time putting together containment measures.

Dustless blasting delivers results fast. It’s one more reason why it’s one of the best options for surface stripping.

What Can You Use Dustless Blasting on?

This blasting method is a lifesaver, especially when you’re dealing with a susceptible surface. How is this? The technique makes use of water which helps in no small way to reduce blasting. Furthermore, the lowered temperature helps to reduce warping or any extra damage.

Therefore, dustless blasting is just as effective and safe for removing graffiti from historical buildings as it is for stripping paint off antique vehicles. In case you’re wondering, this method also helps to remove rust from metal. And no, it doesn’t produce annoying contaminants afterwards.

The surfaces and materials you can use Dustless blasting on are almost limitless, really. Anything from wood, metal, and masonry to boats, cars and concrete is a worthy material to undergo the rigours of dustless blasting.

Sandblasting a Melbourne car

Why Choose Dustless Blasting?


It Protects The Environment

For those who have committed to avoid causing harm to the environment at all cost, Dustless blasting is a suitable method of getting surface cleaning done. This process skips acids while it prevents contaminants from jumping into the air where they can come in contact with human bodies and hurt them.

It’s unlike sandblasting which, though effective, releases huge toxic plumes. These plumes often make it difficult to see what you’re working on. These hassles do not come with dustless blasting.


Short Project Time

A surface stripping process like Dustless blasting is just what you should go for when you’re trying to get a surface cleaned ASAP. The thing is that there are no extensive preparations involved here. Plus, remember all that extra time you spend cleaning up after the stripping is done? They’re non-existent here.

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