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Sandblasting Specialists Springvale

We provide abrasive sandblasting services to customers in Springvale and surrounding suburbs of Mulgrave and Springvale South. We serve a diverse range of clients and work on various structures and buildings. 

All of our treatments are intended to increase the lifespan of your metal product or building while also restoring it to its original appearance. Investing in the proper treatment and upkeep of your property can minimise your expenses, reduce the number of difficulties you encounter, and increase the lifespan of your asset.

No matter how big or little the task is, our professional equipment and procedures, together with our skilled and trained personnel, enable us to provide a high-quality service that surpasses your expectations, regardless of the size of the job.

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Our Sandblasting Services

On-site service or Mobile Service

Among the facilities we have is a big purpose-built speciality sandblasting room, where we do all of our abrasive sandblasting work and two completely enclosed spray rooms for finishing work. When it comes to products that can be transferred, this keeps all of the clutter at our location rather than yours. We may also operate in a more controlled environment, reducing the number of external impurities and ensuring that the finished product is of better quality.

If your item is a permanent structure or is too big to be transported to our on-site workrooms, we may provide a convenient mobile service that will convey everything we need to you and your location of choice. This is particularly useful for massive constructions such as buildings, bridges, and warehouses, among other things. We’ll communicate with site management as required to ensure that our mobile crew is equipped with all of the relevant credentials and liability.

Metal Protection

Metals often need protective coatings to prevent rusting, weathering, and deteriorating due to normal wear and tear. In addition, proper shielding increases the strength of the metal and increases the life of the building or product by many years.

We supply and apply a variety of protective coatings that are ideal for various applications, including industrial, marine, mining, and residential. Our coatings provide long-term protection for metals under several multiple climates and environments.

Corrosion Removal

Using the proper tools and procedures, severe corrosion may be removed from metal surfaces and structures. On industrial and commercial steel buildings, such as factory machinery and equipment, weirs and silos, we specialise in removing corrosion and toxic coatings that have formed over time. Additionally, we service and repair home buildings such as water tanks and pipelines.

Our procedures remove the rust and add protective coatings and finishes to ensure that the corrosion does not reappear in the future.

Rust Removal Melbourne

Abrasive Sandblasting

No matter how rough or rusty the surface of your structure is, our equipment and processes will smooth and shape the surface, as well as eliminate pollutants, restoring its original appearance. We will tailor our agents, methods, and equipment to be appropriate for your structure and the output you need.

Abrasive sandblasting extends the life of your building and restores it to its original beauty and lustre. We often sandblast huge industrial steel constructions and household steel products such as automobile components, trailers, boats, and horse floats, among other things.

Why Choose Us?

For more than a decade, our staff has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in all elements of blasting and painting in a rapidly expanding and constantly changing sector by giving our top-rated services a contemporary twist.

We provide a comprehensive variety of sandblasting and painting services, and we strive to surpass our customers’ expectations at all times.

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