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Sandblasting Specialists in Ringwood

We’re a premier sandblasting company serving various customers in Ringwood and surrounding suburbs of Wantirna and Ringwood North. We provide low-impact, ecologically friendly sandblasting services in addition to our more typical blasting equipment, which has made us the confidence of a wide range of customers over the years.

We offer a comprehensive variety of expert sandblasting services for any material or surface texture that needs reconditioning, including vehicle chassis, marine, agricultural, mining, and heavy industrial machinery.

We’re well-known in the Ringwood region for having professional, skilled, and highly experienced sandblasters committed to providing high-quality services consistently.

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Our Sandblasting Services

Concrete Sandblasting

The majority of our customers come to us because they want the exposed aggregate aesthetic that concrete blasting gives. Whether it’s filth, grime, uneven texture, or graffiti, we can deliver suitable concrete finishes for you.

We offer high-quality blasting services that are designed to sort out the rough surfaces of concrete patio walls, dozers, driveways, dozers, exposed aggregate and concrete steps, and the uneven surfaces of schools, parks, offices, parking lots, retail centres, and other commercial buildings.

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Steel Sandblasting

We’ve worked with a wide range of customers in Ringwood throughout the years. As a result, we’ve established ourselves as the top specialists in the industrial and commercial blasting industries. 

We provide the effective removal of rust and corrosion using cutting-edge abrasive blasting grit in preparation for applying a protective coating on top of the surface. We are experts in stainless steel, structural steel, and a variety of steel components and heavy equipment metal and other materials.

Wood Sandblasting

Our sandblasters are also in high demand for the restoration of wood surfaces, which they can fulfil. The use of fine blasting grit may help restore the wood to its original state via a gentle sandblasting procedure. Our services include the removal of coatings such as stains, paint, lacquers, stains, and other undesirable chemical compounds from wood or timber. We provide wood restoration services for floors, roofs, ceilings, and any other wooden surface that has been damaged.

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Car Sandblasting

Car Sandblasting

When car restoration is necessary, we offer sandblasting services to help you achieve excellent results. To prepare your vehicle for bodywork and paint, you should consider blasting your vehicle or vehicle components. Blasting is cost-effective and efficient to strip your vehicle or vehicle components down to the bare metal. 

Among our specialties are car blasting and restoration services for antique automobiles and automobile engines, as well as for all vehicle parts, motorcycles and motorcycle engines, flatbeds, stock trailers, and b-double trailers.

Why Choose Us?

We have high-performance sandblasting equipment and technology on hand, which allows us to effectively and efficiently clean, refurbish, and prepare various industrial, commercial, and residential projects across the Ringwood region, restoring them to their original state of cleanliness and efficiency.

By working with our qualified Ringwood sandblasters, we can provide complete surface preparation and restoration services, such as wood restoration, paint stripping, marine restoration, automotive restoration, steel and pool blasting, and rust removal.

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