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Specialised Sandblasting Pakenham Services

In need of industrial or commercial sandblasting Pakenham service providers? We have a team of highly-trained individuals that can help. Our qualified experts are here to fulfil your sandblasting needs, from civic infrastructure to extensive construction work. With years of experience, we are one the most reliable company in Pakenham and its suburbs, including Beaconsfield Upper, Pakenham Upper, Nar Nar Goon North, Officer, Pakenham East, Officer South and Pakenham South.

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Our Popular Sandblasting Pakenham Services

Commercial & Industrial Sandblasting

We have vast experience in commercial & industrial sandblasting solutions. Our team cleans large surfaces like refineries, maintenance rehab, and other capital projects while providing factory restoration for refineries and surface restoration.

Industrial Sandblasting Melbourne
Melbourne Sandblasting

Concrete Sandblasting & Finishing

With state-of-the-art equipment that leaves an incredible finish, we make the concrete surfaces uniform and aesthetic. These include patio walls, columns or driveways.

Machinery Sandblasting

Get rust and old paint from machines and work tools. Our machinery sandblasting techniques can give them an attractive look to get a better resale price.

Machinery Sandblasting Melbourne

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Other Commercial and Industrial Sandblasting Techniques

Machinery Sandblasting Melbourne

Mining, Petrochemical, and Industrial

We have the experience necessary for cleaning any type of machinery. It includes blast furnace backfills to small processing units such as pots or presses.

Building and Construction

Get rid of the debris before painting and power washing. From light cleaning to 3/4″ deep cutting and power washing, we can texture all types of building surfaces.

Machine Sandblasting

Fabrication and Engineering

Blasting is excellent for fabrication and removing unwanted material from cast iron or other surfaces before painting. We can blast out old moulds, tooling components and more.

Abrasive Blasting in Volatile Locations

Our team is trained and certified to work in explosive environments, so your facility will never be at risk. We provide high-quality solutions with all precautions on site.

Hazmat and Chemical Processing

With PPE and other safety measures, we deal with hazardous materials and chemicals with special care. After all the safety measures, abrasion blasting is started.

Shipyards and Marine

Whether you need help removing pesky growths like algae or just want an exterior coat, we got you covered. Our maritime applications are the best for shipyards.

Marine Blasting Melbourne

Additional Sandblasting Pakenham Services:

  • Abrasive Blasting in Volatile Locations
  • Hazmat and Chemical Processing
  • Machine Shops and Foundries

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With our durable units and experienced team, we have the professional skills to get any job done right in Shire of Cardinia. Our team specialises in abrasives and blast media for almost any application.

We have a huge team of experts trained for years in their field. They’re ready to take on any project and do it quickly with high-quality results. You can be sure that your needs will always receive the attention and focus they deserve from us. 

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