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Our sandblasting services are the fastest and most efficient approach to clean and smooth surfaces in a short amount of time. We serve a wide range of commercial and industrial customers in Narre Warren and surrounding suburbs of Narre Warren South and Narre Warren North. 

In addition to dramatically improving the look of any worn or decrepit surfaces or equipment, our skilled sandblasters will assist in preparing the surface or machinery for future protective coatings or treatments, ensuring long-term outcomes for our clients’ projects.

Besides many years of industry expertise and experience, our team has a full grasp of the most effective uses for both sandblasting and powder coating. To provide our clients with the finest possible outcomes, we handle every item with the utmost care, enabling our talents and knowledge to generate the most effective results possible.

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Our Sandblasting Services

Bitumen Removal Services

Large deposits may be left on the equipment during the production process of bitumen, which will build and become difficult to remove and clean. Our blasting services are used to clean and remove bitumen and tar from many types of equipment and facilities. 

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Lead Paint Abatement and Removal

The presence of lead-based paint risks in woodwork, on walls, and external surfaces of many older industrial and commercial buildings is a growing concern. This is a significant issue since the tenants and workers of these buildings are sensitive to exposure to this poisonous material and may be at risk for developing progressive health problems if the lead paint is not removed correctly.

We have a great deal of expertise with lead paint removal and abatement. Painting with lead-based paint or paint containing other toxic substances may be safely cleaned using a range of specialist procedures, and we will ensure an effective clean, leaving you with an atmosphere that is safe to be in.

Asbestos Removal

If you believe that your building has asbestos, contact us so that it may be removed safely and efficiently with the least amount of delay.

Due to our quick techniques, the asbestos removal projects may be completed in a matter of weeks, allowing building owners to go on with other renovation projects.

Truck Bodies

We at Narre Warren are capable of sandblasting chassis and truck bodywork, and you can rely on our staff to provide you with the necessary service. We have a great deal of expertise and have sandblasted many truck bodies for years.

We are well aware that several stains, scratches, and pieces of debris may get trapped on the truck’s body. We will, however, make sure that you get the finest available solution.

Heavy Equipment

Large pieces of heavy equipment may be pretty costly, and as a result, any cleaning and maintenance work performed on the equipment must be done thoroughly and exactly.

Throughout the process, you can rely on our staff to do all necessary tasks. We will be able to supply you with the result you have been looking forward to receiving. Our team will also guarantee that any heavy equipment repair or maintenance that we do will be beneficial to your company. We are aware of the standards that must be met to ensure that the unique brand is adequately cared for and protected.

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Why Choose Us?

Our staff works hard to obtain the most satisfactory outcomes for our customers in Narre Warren, Melbourne, while maintaining positive relationships. We not only provide sandblasting services, but we also offer powder coating services for that excellent finish on any metal surface. Please get in touch with us if you want to learn more about our services.

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