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Sandblasting Specialists Moorabbin

We’re a team of commercial and industrial sandblasting experts serving a wide range of customers in Moorabbin and surrounding suburbs of Highett and Bentleigh East. We have extensive expertise in exposed aggregate, vehicle restoration and swimming pool restoration. 

We are specialists in mobile sandblasting as well as onsite abrasive blasting services. We meet all standards to work on industrial and commercial projects. We may come to your place of business where possible.

Our crew is entirely qualified and works relentlessly to provide excellent and personalised services to each of our customers, whether they are from a small business or a huge corporation.

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Our Sandblasting Services

Paint and Rust Removal

We employ the most efficient and successful method of removing paint off shipping containers , industrial equipment, bricks, metal bins, and metal stairways. Upon request, we can also remove lines from painted carparks and other asphalt surfaces.

Whether to clean up and restore bare brickwork or prepare a surface for resurfacing, we can provide you with the expert guidance and service you want. We have been involved in many restoration and refurbishment projects around Melbourne. 

Removing rust is like removing paint in that the optimum method to remove it will be determined by the surface on which it is being cleaned. Sandblasting may be used to remove rust and scale off trucks and truck chassis, excavators, dozers, tractors, tippers, and other heavy equipment.

Rust Removal Melbourne
Machinery Sandblasting Melbourne

Machinery Sandblasting

Sandblasting may be used to clean and prepare a wide range of machines. We may come to your location and blast your equipment to remove paint, rust, and other pollutants to prepare it for refinishing.

We can blast practically any kind of equipment, including trucks, tippers, trailers, and chassis. In addition, we have a great deal of expertise with blasting, drilling, and mining gear.

Swimming Pools

When it comes to sandblasting your pool or spa in preparation for a makeover, we are the swimming pool renovations experts to call.

We can remove the old paint and prepare the surface for a completely new appearance. We can wet blast any pool, removing about 80% of the dust generated by sandblasting. Additionally, we can clean the pool and remove all of the garnets from it to be disposed of properly.

Sandblasting a Melbourne car
Sandblasting Melbourne

Non-Slip Surface Preparation

Our team has done many non-slip surface preparation projects. For obvious safety considerations, it is usually necessary to use a small amount of force to achieve some hold on a surface.

We can blast any surface area to make it safer, including concrete, pavers, tiles, red bricks, and wood decking, among other materials.

Why Choose Us?

We take great pleasure in the quality of service and happiness that we deliver to our clients in Moorabbin, Melbourne and the surrounding areas. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the most exemplary service possible, we provide perfect and complete sandblasting services. 

Given that we are among the most experienced and knowledgeable sandblasting firms in the country, our staff can remove damaged and outdated paintwork and rust and other types of discoloration, refinishing the whole item or component and returning it to like-new condition.

Looking for a sandblasting company around Melbourne? Don’t hesitate to contact us for top-quality and reasonably priced services.

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