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We’re a sandblasting company that provides reliable and effective services to commercial and industrial customers in Dandenong and surrounding suburbs of Dandenong North and Dandenong South. Our firm has extensive expertise in a wide range of sandblasting tasks, ranging from substantial commercial and civil projects to industrial works.

Our contemporary fleet of mobile rigs services all sorts of sites and is available at all hours of the day to meet the needs of any project at any location. In addition, we give no-obligation estimates on-site.

We’re a team of professionals backed by cutting-edge industrial equipment and can meet the needs of any project in the Dandenong region of Melbourne. There is no work that is too large or too little for us to handle. Every project is overseen by a project manager responsible for the overall quality and client satisfaction of the finished product.

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Our Sandblasting Services

Paint Removal

The abrasive blasting procedure is the ideal and efficient method of preparing the surface for any new finishes to be placed for a long-lasting solution. There are many different kinds of brick and rendered surfaces that have been coated with a variety of finishes during their lives; therefore, they deserve an effective removal strategy.

Our team of specialists can remove the old coating from these places using sandblasting to guarantee that the new application will bind firmly to the surface throughout the resurfacing process.

Sandblasting Melbourne
Wood Sandblasting Melbourne

Timber Blasting

Sandblasting can be used to remove the old coverings from wood that has been previously stained, painted, or even fire damaged.

We have extensive experience in blasting wood to remove many years of old paint, restoring the natural wood to its original beauty.

Steel Abrasive Blasting and Painting

We have many years of expertise with abrasive and sandblasting in Dandenong on various steel factories, equipment, and buildings of different shapes and sizes.

We blast the surface to meet or exceed all surface criteria to ensure that the floor is adequately prepared for installing the new coatings.

Because we want to give our customers a one-stop solution, we provide a comprehensive service for applying all kinds of paints and protective coatings.

Melbourne Sandblasting

Concrete Sandblasting

We can blast all sorts of concrete surfaces to generate a variety of finishes based on the task specifications and requirements. Any design may be scratched into a concrete surface using steel stencils, which we’re familiar with.

Lead Paint Removal

Exposure to lead paint can have significant health repercussions. This is where the lead paint removal services are the most suitable option.

With specialised equipment and solutions, we can effectively remove all lead-based paints from any surface without polluting the area or causing damage to the underlying surface.

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We’re one of Dandenong’s most trusted commercial and industrial sandblasting and protective coating experts, having completed hundreds of projects in the area. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation for providing high-quality and dependable services to our clients.

We provide high-quality labour and environmentally safe sandblasting solutions that will assist you in restoring your surface to its original state.

Interested in learning more about our sandblasting services? Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately by phone or email for high-quality and economically cost solutions.

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