Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Sandblasting Expert In Melbourne

So, you figured you might need sandblasting Melbourne for your tools, equipment, or machinery, but you don’t know enough about the subject. This article will help you formulate questions that can help you get the answers you need before engaging the services of a sandblasting expert In Melbourne.

First, let’s revisit the primary reason why you’d need sandblasting in the first place. As part of the preparatory process prior to applying a protective coating, the substrate must be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated of any corrosion, paint, welding slags, dirt and salt deposits. This is to ensure that the coating chemistry is not tampered with when applied to the surface profile.

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There are a variety of ways to do this, but sandblasting is often regarded as the best approach for surface preparation. A reliable sandblasting company with several years of experience and expertise is the only way to ensure quality results. However, finding the right expert may be tedious and time-consuming, especially if it’s your first time hiring one and you’re not knowledgeable enough about sandblasting Melbourne. You can find out whether a possible sandblaster is an appropriate fit for the project by asking the correct questions of them. As a starting point, here are some questions to help you get there.

Can you specify the abrasive media you'll be using in this project?

It is critical that the sandblasting company choose the most suitable abrasive for a specific job and the substrate being treated since there is a vast selection of sandblasting media to pick from. To avoid damaging the surface underneath, abrasives that are excessively aggressive for the task at hand should not be used. On the other hand, for thick coatings or corroded layers, a fine or light abrasive may be too mild and inefficient to remove. 

It’s possible to tell if the sandblasting company you’re considering is the right fit for your project by talking to them about the media you want to use and that they should give convincing reasons for their selection.

Can your sandblasting company provide all necessary documentation?

If you’re on the market for sandblasting Melbourne service, it is in your best interest to ensure that your sandblasters are insured by public liability, professional indemnity, and workers’ compensation insurances. This is one very important part that you need to ask before hiring them.

They also need to be capable of providing you with a thorough Safe Work Methods Statement defining the scope of the project before commencing any activity. Otherwise, you need to keep away from sandblasting companies that don’t have this important documentation since they plainly don’t prioritise Occupational Health & Safety in their daily procedures. 

You also need to make sure your sandblasters are protected in the case of an on-site mishap by requesting the necessary documentation. This will provide you peace of mind, at least.

Do you plan to keep me up to date on this project, and how often?

Sandblasting Melbourne efforts always begin with a simple “test blast” sample on a small specimen similar to the actual job. This enables the sandblasters to precisely control the amount of abrasive and pressure applied to the surface, as well as to determine the ideal finish the customer wants. Using the sample as a guide, the customer may then decide whether or not to go on with applying the finish to the whole project or make adjustments as necessary. 

At the start of each day on the project, you need to check in with your sandblasters to make sure their output is consistent and to request from them an update on any new safety issues that may have occurred on-site throughout the course of the day.

Do you employ any safety precautions for sandblasting, and what are they?

In order to keep everyone’s safety in mind, it is essential that sandblasting Melbourne be done in a safe manner, both for the workers and the general public. A full perimeter enclosure must be built before the blasting process can begin to guarantee that all abrasive grits, dust, and trash are contained in this exclusion zone. Dust collectors are also advised as an extra precaution for controlling airborne pollutants. 

To further ensure the public’s safety, consider posting signs such as “Sandblasting in Progress” and “Authorised Person Only.” On top of these measures, all on-site sandblasting workers will need to wear blast suits and air-fed helmets provided with an air filtering system.

Sandblasting is a messy process; therefore, it’s important to clean up after yourself and dispose of the used abrasive in a proper manner. And you can reduce the danger of an on-site accident by removing all sandblasting trash.

Our sandblasting company has met all of these requirements and more! You may have other questions in mind that are specific to your project, and we will be happy to enlighten you with the information you need. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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