Paint and Rust Removal

Paint and rust removal is a service that virtually every property owner needs, from single homeowners to large-sized businesses.

Think about the orange-coloured stains present on your concrete—the ones that result from water dripping off a metal surface for extended periods. This situation causes stubborn stains that can be a blot on the landscape and will not clean, even with an aggressive pressure cleaning service.

Similarly, when preparing a surface for restoration jobs, old paintings can get in the way. These are two of many instances where paint and rust removal is needed. Mobile Sandblasting has got you covered on all fronts.

Do you own any facility, vehicle, or project crushed to nothingness with the impact of corrosion? Our paint and rust removal services are for you. You know quite well that a significant restoration starts by removing the old paint, rust, and powder coating. We can do this in several ways. Depending on your project, we can choose from several standard media that we have in stock.

We have many years of experience in abrasive blasting and removing paint and corrosion from substrates. Our team of experts at Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne can sandblast old paint and rust from your metal surfaces and concrete structures, making them ready for a restoration job or fresh paint.

Speaking of stains that just won’t go away, nothing resists the power of Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne Paint and Rust Removal Service. We examine the surface to be cleaned, pick the appropriate from our mobile sandblasting arsenal, and then we get the job done… perfectly!

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Why Should You Trust Us?

Deciding which sandblasting company to hire to strip contaminants off your structure can be a challenging and confusing decision. Most clients need more information on our process to ease their decision-making process. We understand the need to be critical with the selection process. As such, we have compiled some of the principles guiding our paint and removal process. Here’s why you should choose Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne:

Complete Strip

Because of the versatility in the methods we use, we can remove all rust, epoxy paint and primers, powder coating, and even the most massive body filler, leaving your structure with a clean finish.


While our crew does their job, you can lay back and drink a few beers (or juices) while watching the magic from the comfort of your garage.

Damage Control

Mobile Sanding Melbourne specializes in removing tough stains and disfiguring old paints without damaging the underlying surface.


All of our equipment is combined onto a truck and trailer combination. We take blasting wherever it is most convenient for you.


The versatility of our services doesn’t only guarantee that you would have removals correctly done. It also ensures that the most cost-effective approach is employed, since the procedures don’t all cost the same. More Aussies in your pocket!


Ensure that cleaning and stripping projects are completed without injuring the surface is at the heart of our process.

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