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Do you need sandblasting done? We offer you more: Mobile sandblasting— sandblasting services at your doorstep!

For decades, sandblasting has been relied upon for its effectiveness at cleaning and etching metal surfaces. It’s undoubtedly one of the quickest, most effective, and most efficient surface cleaning methods when done correctly.

Our sandblasting team is proficient at utilizing sandblasting to remove rust, oxidation residue, or paint from metal. We will strip walls and pavements of stains such as graffiti art.

We will take your rust inflicted metal, blast it, and make it unrecognizable. When we hand it over, you would wonder if we were offering you a replacement. That’s how spotless it would appear! Regardless of the condition of the part or surface that we work on, we can make it seem new again.

Our range of sandblasting services is generally suitable for removing dirt and contaminants off surfaces, thereby leaving the surface polished and refined. The polish creates an exquisitely-finished product but is also useful for preparing/priming a surface for painting.

What Can We Sandblast?

Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne offers unrivaled mobile sandblasting services in the Melbourne area. We say that very proudly.

Our services are focused mainly on providing domestic blasting solutions. Our domestic and residential blasting solutions include Graffiti RemovalWood Sandblasting, Swimming Pool, Paint & Rust RemovalConcrete blasting & finishing, and other Restoration Works.

Our comprehensive service listing includes industrial blasting solutions too. Broadly speaking, we offer Automotive Sandblasting, Machinery SandblastingBlasting of Earthmoving equipment, and a host of other commercial blasting services. It’s safe to say, whatever your sandblasting needs are, we’ve got them covered.

Aren’t you glad to know that there are no restrictions on surface types and sizes that we can work on? Because we employ diverse blast media to match the task at hand, our sandblasting services are suitable for firm surfaces such as pavement or more delicate surfaces such as tabletops and wooden structures. Our sandblasting can also be safely employed on precision parts such as small gears, with near-zero risk of damage.

Got a restoration project coming up? Get things started on the right foot, put Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne on cleaning and surface preparation.

What Makes Our Services So Effective?

There are two primary reasons why our customers have come to trust us for all their sandblasting needs;

Bespoke Solutions

One-way solutions don’t thrive around here. We are obsessed with offering client-specific solutions; every project differs from the last. We don’t show up to your project site with a hammer, intending to treat every problem. Our approach is much more diverse.

At Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne, we recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work in the best interest of your project. Consequently, we carefully examine your needs and create a bespoke solution for it.

Sandblasting Melbourne

Diverse Blasting Techniques

Sand isn’t the only material that’s used in the sandblasting process. Depending on the material to be blasted, different abrasives can be used. The best solutions require the technicians to determine the most suitable blasting media and technique for delivering excellent finishes without damaging the surface.

Soft and delicate (such as wood surfaces) require a different blast media, pressure, and style than harder surfaces (e.g., a metal part covered with thick paint). Popular blast media (abrasives) used in blasting are coal slag, steel grit, dry ice, crushed glass, wall nut, and coconut shells.

By utilizing a broader range of blast media, pressure, and style, we consistently deliver entire, excellently finished surfaces.

Melbourne Sandblasting

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Why Choose Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne

Complete Strip

Not all sandblasting companies can guarantee to give your surface a clean, pristine look without etching the surface. But, we can because of our proficiency in diverse sandblasting techniques. We will remove all rust, epoxy paint, graffiti and primers, and whatnots. Your structure and equipment’s surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned up of the target contaminants. You have a guarantee on that!


Any etching damage done to your surfaces could be irrevocable. That is why you need a sandblasting company that gets the job correctly done the first time. Our team of sandblasters is highly trained. Furthermore, they boast of a combined 20 years’ experience excellently rendering sandblasting services. Wouldn’t you rather trust us?


We believe that cleaning, protecting, and elongating the life of your equipment and surfaces shouldn’t be done at the expense of people or the environment. Thus, we adhere strictly to the WHS’ (Work Health and Safety) Code of Practice. We use eco-friendly media only.

Some of the media we employ in sandblasting include wall nutshells, glass beads, jetmag, garnet, dry ice, crushed limestone, baking soda, on and on the list goes. This points to one fact; most, if not all, projects can be tackled by us, despite our eco-friendliness. Your surface, the environment, every human involved; everyone wins!


Our continuous and huge investment in high-performance mobile sandblasting equipment enables us to deliver top-quality sandblasting work all across Melbourne. Talk about quality? We are it! Talk about convenience? We are it still!


We are fully dedicated to our customers and ensure that our services are cost-effective. The diversity of our methods helps to curb unnecessary waste. In turn, this enables us to save costs for the clients.

At Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne

  • We remove any stains and restore anything, elongating your properties’ lifespan, returning them to old glory, using our Mobile sandblasting techniques.
  • We tackle a wide array of domestic and industrial sandblasting needs.
  • We focus not only on excellent cleaning and restoration of your surfaces but also on the impact our methods have on humans and the environment.
  • All of our services are cost-effective.

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