Industrial and Commercial Sandblasting

Most businesses need Industrial and Commercial Blasting services occasionally. Here’s why?

Rust, corrosion, and damaged paint are more than just unappealing inconveniences. Left unaddressed, they could degrade industrial equipment and other physical assets that are crucial to the effective operation of your business, as well as threatening the health, safety, and compliance of your facility.

Sites may present complex challenges that need quality hands. Site managers, therefore, often find it challenging to obtain experienced industrial sandblasting services. Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne can be your one saviour for industrial sandblasting services.

Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne combines technical expertise with practical skills to provide high-quality surface preparation and coatings during large-scale jobs such as refineries, maintenance rehab, and other capital projects.

Our offerings include but are not limited to Paint and Rust Removal, Mill & Factory restoration, Metal & Steel Surface preparation, Masonry Protection and Restoration, Cleaning Services, Fire Damage Repair and Restoration. These services are patterned to control corrosion, eliminating the need for costly replacements and restructuring while meeting regulatory and safety requirements.

Below are some of the benefits our clients tend to enjoy from our services:


Our abrasive blasting services keep equipment and surface clean. This allows for proper coating when painted. As a result, you get to remain in compliance with safety and health standards required to stay operational.

Repair and Remediation

Our regular media blasting services to remove rust, marks, debris and corrosion reduces the rate of repairs and replacement of your equipment and fixtures.


Our services guarantee you a cleaner worksite, which reduces the risk of product contamination or degradation. We also understand that a clean environment fosters a better working atmosphere.

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Why Should You Trust Us?

We’ve seen and handled just about any industrial maintenance situation throughout Melbourne, having been in the commercial and industrial sandblasting industry for years. Rest assured, our teams are able to meet industry safety regulations.

Our team of highly proficient technicians at Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne have the muscle and expertise to challenge heavy-duty commercial projects on large sites with extreme attention to detail, industry standards, and on-the-job safety. We do all we can to plan and complete projects in a way that helps you stay productive in business and utilize your space when you need it.

You can expect superior quality craftsmanship from our team of expert blasters, notwithstanding your painting or coatings requirements are performed on-site. Whatever procedure you need to be done —whether it be traditional sandblasting or dustless blasting, whatever it is— you can expect that we’ll deliver excellently.

You can be certain that your surfaces will be treated with the suitable blasting method —one that’s thorough enough to get the job done right without compromising the strength and beauty of your surface. Doing it right is what matters for us at Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne.

Keep your business running and attractive! If you need Industrial and Commercial Blasting services, please don’t wait to get your words to us. We’ll treat your business as our own.

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