How Sandblasting Can Improve The Safety Of Your Machinery And Equipment

A sandblast and a new coat of paint for your tools and machinery isn’t simply an aesthetic upgrade. Maintaining and extending the service life of your assets is also part of the objective—the more important part, in fact. To begin the restoration process, machinery sandblasting removes old paint, grime, and corrosion, leaving a clean surface. 

In addition, sandblasting your equipment and machinery provides a number of safety advantages as well. You might not be aware that doing this can help you enhance the health and safety management on your site. Read on below to learn the ways how sandblasting your assets can accomplish this.

Prolong the Integrity of Metallic Parts

Metallic materials will eventually lose part of their original strength due to natural oxidation and corrosion caused by the elements. As some of the metal on the surface grinds away into powder form, the metal weakens as its core becomes thinner. And one day, this part will be compromised. As a result, it might get pitted or have holes formed, or in the case of weaker metals, it can lead to a catastrophic failure in severe instances.

A piece of equipment that has a serious amount of rust and corrosion beneath the old paint on its essential parts should no longer be used. Let’s say, for instance, the floor of a walkway has corroded bracing, which can cause it to give way at any moment. The possibility exists that it will collapse, causing people to fall and injure themselves severely. They might suffer serious harm or even death by falling from a height, even if it’s just a few stories below.

To prevent this from happening, consider machinery sandblasting on all essential metallic parts of the walkway when the paint or coating on it begins to peel or flake off. You’ll be able to see any damage and take action before it becomes a safety threat.

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Prevent Functional Failure of Parts and Controls

The performance of a machine or piece of equipment can be adversely affected by rust, filth, and flaking paint. It is possible for these materials to accumulate around moving components, buttons, and other controls. Your equipment might work very slowly or inefficiently if the build-up gets out of hand, and they can even stop working altogether. When something like this happens, your machines and other equipment may not be safe to use if they aren’t working properly.

On a construction site, for example, if you’ve got a scissor lift and its emergency stop button is so clogged up with rust or flaked paint that it’s rendered useless, anybody on the platform won’t have any safety resort. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Your site workers, especially those who operate your equipment, will be in harm’s way if anything interferes with the smooth and safe functioning of the machinery or equipment. That’s why it’s always a good idea to perform machinery sandblasting on tools and equipment when they become rusted so that you can restore them to their original state—or at least close to it.

Protect You from Harm due to Contact

Surfaces underneath your equipment and machinery are revealed as paint and coatings begin to peel off. A damaged surface might lead to its own set of issues. Snares, scrapes, and protruding fusion points can all cause injuries. On the health side, the bacteria that causes tetanus might be on the metal portion if it’s in close proximity to the ground.

In addition, excessive rust may create an accident if someone holds a metallic part that is near the breaking point. As an example, a corroded pipe might break if someone tries to get hold of it, causing a person to get harmed if the pipe is transporting hot or toxic substances.

One of the best ways you can maintain your machinery and equipment in top shape is by regular machinery sandblasting, inspecting, and repainting it. If all of its surfaces—especially the metallic parts are in good condition and adequately protected, no one should be injured by coming into contact with them.

You should call sandblasting professionals like us if you notice any of your equipment or machinery are in need of restoration. We can come to your location to inspect your assets and assist you in determining which products should be sandblasted. And as part of our service, we also provide a comprehensive industrial painting service.

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