Exposed Aggregates

Exposed aggregate is the fad decorative concrete finish commonly seen around in many homes and structures these days. It is done by giving a special surface treatment to the concrete mix’s uppermost layer to expose underlying added aggregate such as pebbles, shells, stones, and slates.

Exposed Aggregates are most commonly used on driveways and patios. However, their uses are hardly limited to those mentioned above alone. Exposed aggregate concrete could also be an excellent option to distinguishing walkways and driving paths, laying boundaries, and delimiting certain features such as swimming pools and hot tubs. Our team of creative minds is trained and certified to help you get that desired result.

The durability of exposed aggregates and slip resistance make it perfect for trails, driveways, pool decks & courtyards, retaining walls, steps and landings, and curbs and borders. This exotic finishing adds subtle and aesthetic appeal to your buildings.

This decorative finishing comes in a wide variety of color, design, and stoned texture, offering practically endless amounts of creative freedom. Various techniques to achieve this effect include acid etching, honing, and abrasive blasting.

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Why Do an Exposed Aggregate?

Apart from its aesthetic purposes, this type of finishing is cost-efficient both on overhead and maintenance costs as you would only need to clean occasionally. Also, it is skid-resistance and holds up well in different conditions.

Its most desired advantage is that the colour and texture adaptations are limited only by your imagination. This is one thing our creative team at Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne would help you with; envision the endless possibilities.

Besides, exposed aggregate concrete can be made in conjunction with smooth concrete as a design entity. However, the latter is commonly used only for smaller areas as it has a greater tendency for cracking.

Exposed Aggregates Blasting Melbourne

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We are one of Melbourne’s foremost. We have the certifications and recommendations of a large army of clients to prove that assertion. Our teams have extensive experience in architectural design for both domestic and commercial facilities. We specialize in consulting and making exposed aggregate, coloured and plain surfaces.

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With decades of experience, we have tackled different projects ranging from landscaping designs to retaining walls, decks, and other building projects. We, therefore, understand the influence of quality works on the value of you and your property.

The right exposed aggregate professional should advise you on several creative design options when it comes to exposed aggregate concrete. Let us add value and appeal to your facility strictly the right driveway or patio and other features that perfectly complement your property.

Suppose you have any surface that you would love to have exposed aggregate done on, do well to contact us. We would love to welcome you home to a better look.

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