Everything You Need To Know About Concrete Blasting Melbourne

Are you wondering if there’s a method for adding depth and dimension to a concrete surface without damaging the substrate? The objective of exposing aggregate sandblasted finish is to add visual attractiveness while also providing a non-slip surface that meets Australian Standards, whether treating a municipal pavement or a new building slab. So, in order to expose the concrete aggregate, your best approach should be concrete blasting Melbourne since it allows for precise control over the blasting pressure and the type of abrasive that must be used. Because of this, you can get a surface finish that ranges from 1 mm to 5 mm, depending on how much aggregate is exposed.

What You Need To Do

It is common for our clients to request sandblasting of concrete surfaces in one of three different grades—light, medium or heavy finish, according to their desired amount of aggregate exposure.

The first thing to do, you’ll need to identify and address any potential risks in the work area. As part of this process, the designated sandblasting area must be cleared of any non-essential people, vehicles, or even contractors who may be present at the time of the blast. Other additional preparations include masking or taping nearby surfaces to protect them from being sandblasted. All of this is done to protect the surfaces and people around the concrete sandblasting operation from potential injury or unnecessary damage.

There are a number of things to keep in mind and ensure to carry out in strict order for a safe and effective concrete blasting Melbourne, as below:

Concrete Sandblasting Melbourne

What You Get From Concrete Blasting Melbourne

A concrete surface can benefit greatly from the use of sandblasting, which can add texture to the surface. Among the many benefits of using this method are the following:

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