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Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne is one of South-eastern Australia’s most experienced and reliable sandblasting companies. We provide a range of customized sandblasting services available from our facility, as well as our distinguished mobile sandblasting services with care for your equipment at heart. Looking for a sandblasting company that will treat your Earth Moving Equipment with care and gentleness? You found one!

Our large facility and yard were designed to handle large mining and industrial equipment. With one massive blast booth and several paint booths, we have experienced teams and equipment to provide fast turnaround results.

Our Cleaning process (before the coating of large components or sections) is achieved using various machine-types, such as hanger-type machines (also known as monorail-, or overhead rail blast machines), large table machines, and Bogie Car blast machines.

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Why Should You Trust Us?

As we all know, earth moving equipment blasting and restoration is a massive task without the right gear. Earth Moving Equipment is expensive and must stay fresh to hold their value, so we understand your plight when maintaining this equipment. That is the primary reason we have invested in some of the best Dustless Blasting equipment in the market, both mobile and stationary facilities.

You may have us bring our state-of-the-art sandblasting equipment to your facility. Or you may choose to bring your earthmoving equipment to us. Either way, one thing is sure. We will carry out the job without causing the slightest damage to your machine’s patented technology.

Drawing from our years of experience in the sandblasting industry, we use various methods and techniques to strip paint and surface issues back to its raw form. We Sandblast all types of Earth Moving Equipment and instruments, so it’s prepared and ready for your next use or for repainting.

At Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne, earthmovers and tractors are cleaned and prepared in blast rooms using manual or automated processes or large hanger-type/overhead rail machines. This large blasting machines enable us to deliver a quality job at, low cost to you and in little time.

We also look to strengthen parts and tools that regularly come under stress while carrying out its operations as a bonus for all our clients. We can excellently blast anything that you require, including fixed machines structures all across Melbourne.

We understand that preparation is vital and time is equally essential, so we can help you achieve this every time through our experience and knowledge towards achieving optimal results.

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