Automotive Sandblasting

Automotive sandblasting is how you get contaminants—paint, rust, et al.— off your vehicles. If you’re still using sandpaper to remove rusts from your automobile, know this; that’s obsolete! No one does it anymore. Mind your automotive sandblasting isn’t merely a modern way of removing rust. It’s also the most effective and most efficient.

Meanwhile, automotive here is an umbrella term covering vehicles of any kind – buses, cars, trucks, vans, or motorcycles.

When paint breaks down through UV or mechanical damages, it allows for surface rust formation on your automobile. Frame rust is the worst of them. It rapidly diminishes the structural integrity of your car. You’ll never know when a body part will snap off.

Not only will frame rust compromise your safety, but it also compromises other road users’ safety. Generally, automotive rust abases the automobile’s ability to protect you in the event of a crash. Now, we wouldn’t want that.

A less impactful side effect of rust is seen on the vehicle’s aesthetics; your vehicle becomes awful looking. What’s more, rust spreads very fast, and it’s going to consume your car in no time if prompt action isn’t taken.

Rusts and paint peeling on automobiles are caused by many unavoidable factors such as exposing the metal to water. Although most cars nowadays are coated with steel to prevent rusting, all it does is slow down rusting. Overtime rusts still occur, even on new vehicles.

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Can automotive rust be stopped?

Definitely! That is where Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne comes in. Our team of experts will change your automobile from a rusty metal piece to a bare metal surface, ready for a new coat of paint, just in time to get the factory-perfect look again. Wouldn’t you love that?

At Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne, we employ automotive sandblasting techniques (including traditional sandblasting, dustless blasting, and so on) to remove the rust and paints from your car. We take care of all types of rusts—surface rusts, scale rust, and even penetrating rust—at any stage of the metal parts’ degradation.

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Custom Made Solution

We understand that an automobile is a much-valued possession. Consequently, our team carries out a detailed examination of your car’s surface condition and develops the most appropriate plan to achieve the best results with the sandblasting process.


Seeing that we have years of experience in the field, we believe your automobile is in the best hands. Think about it; who best to entrust your valued possession to than those who have delivered excellent results consistently and for years?


Getting your vehicle sandblasted need not cost you your convenience. Why go through the stress, risk, and cost of coming to us when we can bring the party to you? We take the pressure off you. Choose the where and when, and we’ll transfer ourselves to you.

Our goal is to prepare your automobile for that mirror-like showroom finish using a combination of automotive sandblasting techniques. With us, maximum satisfaction is guaranteed. Patronize Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne.

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