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Commercial And Industrial Sandblasting Experts Melbourne

Our highly trained and experienced team will take care of your sandblating job with the utmost professionalism and high-quality materials, ensuring you get an abrasive blasting solution that will provide excellent results and is safe for the environment.

We provide sandblasting for all kinds of jobs, from civic infrastructure projects to large-scale building and construction work. We have been serving clients in Melbourne for over ten years, making us one of the most experienced companies in the area.

Popular Sandblasting Services

Commercial & Industrial Sandblasting

We can help with all your industrial and commercial sandblasting needs!

Melbourne Sandblasting

Concrete Sandblasting & Finishing

Give your concrete a new lease on life with sandblasting and finishing.

Machine Sandblasting

Machinery Sandblasting

Machinery sandblasting can keep your machinery running and looking like new.

Other Sandblasting Services We Offer...

Clean up your ways and surfaces by blasting away unwanted and unsightly graffiti.

We can come to you with our mobiel sandblasting services.

Remove paint and rust and gives your surfaces a new lease on life.

Stop rust or strip off paint with automative sandblasting.

We can sandblast your earth moving equipment across Melbourne.

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Our Melbourne Sandblasting Services

We focus our full range of abrasive blasting services on the needs of commercial and industrial clients across a broad range of industries. Although no job is too large or too small, some of our areas of expertise include:

Building and Construction

Whether your construction project requires finishing the exterior of the building with a smooth surface or blasting away debris before painting or power washing, our team can assist you. From light cleaning to 3/4″ deep cutting, we can texture your surfaces or remove paint, masonry, grease, oil, or rust from new or old concrete slabs.

Melbourne Sandblasting
Grafitti Removal Melbourne

Civic Infrastructure and Maintenance

Municipal and government entities often have to deal with tasks that can include blasting away rust and dirt from bridges, parking garages, and other structures. Our team is experienced in providing sandblasting services for these applications – stripping paint and corrosion from community infrastructure.

Shipyards and Marine

From removing barnacles and other marine growth from vessels to preparing surfaces for corrosion-resistant painting, our team can help you get the job done right. We use a variety of media and abrasives designed explicitly for maritime applications.

Marine Blasting Melbourne
Transportation Blasting Melbourne

Transportation, Rail, and Road

From the cleaning of train cars and locomotives to preparing surfaces for graffiti removal or anti-skid coatings, we can help you keep your transportation infrastructure looking great. We also have extensive experience preparing surfaces for road markings and performing sign etching.

Mining, Petrochemical, and Industrial

From blast cleaning before coating to the removal of tough build-ups of slag, scale, and rust, our team can help you get your industrial equipment back up and running like new. We have a range of media that can be used for this work, allowing us to blast away the required amount of material.

Machinery Sandblasting Melbourne
Sandblasting Melbourne

Machine Shops and Foundries

From sandblasting machine parts before painting to stripping paint from metal surfaces, our team can help you maintain your foundry or repair shop equipment. Corrosion removal from machine shop tools and other equipment is a standard service that we regularly perform.

Fabrication and Engineering

Our team specialises in providing sandblasting services for fabrication shops and other engineering activities. Before coating or painting, we can blast castings, molds, tooling components, and many other surfaces. We also can remove rust from cast iron or clean machine parts during maintenance or before finishing.

Rust Removal Melbourne
Machine Sandblasting

Abrasive Blasting in Volatile Locations

Our abrasion blasting services are safe for explosive environments, and we have the certification to work in these types of locations. We understand the importance of safety and take all the required precautions to protect our team and clients. The team will work closely with you to develop a safe plan for all employees and ensure maximum safety for your facilities.

Hazmat and Chemical Processing

We understand that special care must be taken when dealing with hazardous materials and chemicals. Our team is experienced in using personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety measures designed to protect the staff. We can provide any abrasion blasting service while still meeting all safety requirements for your location.

Sandblasting Melbourne

For Commercial & Industrial Sandblasting

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What We Do

We have the best sandblasters in Melbourne on our team, and we are confident that their work will meet and exceed your expectations. After all, we have been providing top-quality services to all our customers for more than a decade. 

We bring our mobile sandblasting units directly to your worksite, so you don’t have to worry about transporting heavy equipment to us. We also have an extensive range of abrasives and blast media that we can use for almost any application.

Our company offers a full range of other sandblasting-related services such as floor sanding, paint stripping, power washing, concrete cutting, wood and brick crushing, and much more. With the experience of working on some of the most significant projects in the region, we are ready to deliver your sandblasting services anywhere in the area.

Why Call Us For Your Melbourne Sandblasting Needs?

Over the course of more than ten years, we have established ourselves as the most trusted sandblasting services company in the region, thanks to our staff’s high-quality service and professionalism.

We are committed to delivering the most exceptional service available in a mobile platform that is safe, efficient, and easy for our clients.

Mobile Sandblasting Melbourne knows every project is unique and requires a tailored approach to provide you with optimum results that meet your budget.

You can trust us to provide you with the broadest range of sandblasting options available in Melbourne.

We use a dependable, highly skilled, and qualified team with extensive experience in all aspects of our profession. Our clients may rest assured that they are dealing with a group of specialists committed to providing excellent service.

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Sandblasting Services We Offer

As you can see, there is not a commercial or industrial project where we do not have a wealth of experience to bring to bear.

We offer our customers professional sandblasting at competitive prices. Quotations are free, and we will finish your job quickly and efficiently. We also have extensive experience in providing services for various commercial and industrial applications.

We will ensure we do your job correctly and there is no damage to your site or equipment. Your satisfaction with our work is guaranteed.

Best of all, we do all the work at your site. This minimises your equipment and business downtime and allows you to resume operations as soon as we are finished blasting.

If you need a sandblasting service for your commercial or industrial application, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your needs.

Melbourne’s Best Commercial and Industrial Sandblasting

Whether you need to blast away layers of paint and graffiti from brick walls, remove corrosion from metallic components, or prepare a surface for coating or painting, our team has the skills and experience to get the job done safely and efficiently.

With our mobile sandblasting units and extensive experience in the industry, we are confident that we can deliver exceptional results every time. We use the latest equipment and media to get the job done right, and our team members are true experts.

For more information on our sandblasting services or to discuss your specific needs, call us today. We would be happy to provide you with a free consultation and estimate.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Linda Savala
Linda Savala
Did a fantastic job - removed some white lines off the asphalt that has been there for years. Trades was very professional in all aspect. Did a fantastic job and also good value. I personally would recommend them to anyone.
Tammy Johnson
Tammy Johnson
I’m really happy with the sandblasting services, they are very helpful to deal with! Keep up the great work, guys!!!
Linda Farmers
Linda Farmers
Really impressed us with their mobile sandblasting services. The fact that they came out to complete the job made the whole process really easy and saved us lots of time. They are really professional!
Sam Minchin
Sam Minchin
Definitely soda blasting experts - gave me a lot of suggestions and the finished work was remarkable!
Dan Hopman
Dan Hopman
I've had the team do a number of projects for me over the years, always to reliable and excellent quality. I've had them blast simple wheels for the ute, to big machinery. Never disappointed me. Thanks boys!
Ernest McLean
Ernest McLean
Used these guys for machinery sandblasting and hired again for other industrial jobs. Very good at what they do.
Jonah Montoya
Jonah Montoya
We used them to do some sandblasting on some of our machinery. They completed the job on time and to budget, which kept everyone very happy. They are super knowledge of what they are doing and really professional and friendly. Would highly recommend you call them if you need any sandblasting work!

For Commercial & Industrial Sandblasting

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